Help for hundreds of thousands of people under the distraint and the beginning of the "Summer of Grace" is here

Between 28 October 2021 and 28 January 2022, people under the distraint will have a unique opportunity to pay their debt once and for all. The Summer of Grace will apply to individuals who face the distraint against the state, municipality, region or companies owned by them. Typically, it will concern the debts for health insurance, for using a public transport without a ticket, for rent in a municipal apartment, but it will also be possible to get rid of debts for energy from ČEZ or Pražská plynárenská. 

The debtor will pay only the principal of his debt, i.e. the basic amount owed, and the fee to the distrainor, which is CZK 908. Therefore, it will not be necessary to pay any penalties that have accumulated on the debt. These will be forgiven to the debtors. 

The Summer of Grace does not apply to maintenance debts, personal injury claims, fines and other financial penalties imposed on the debtor as part of criminal proceedings. Persons in insolvency will also not be able to benefit from the Summer of Grace. For them, nothing will change.