The amendment to the Road Traffic Act introduces the possibility to drive a car from the age of 17 and changes the current points system

It is very likely that we will see major changes in road traffic in the near future. These changes will include, in particular, the ability to drive a car from the age of 17 and the points system.


The Government's amendment to the Road Traffic Act should now allow a person who has reached the age of 17 to be granted a Group B licence. There is, however, a condition of consent of the legal representative, and it would also apply that the holder of this driving licence may only drive a motor vehicle classified in Group B with the accompaniment of a person who is entered in the register of drivers as a mentor.


The mentor in question could be a person who meets all the conditions laid down by law. The most important conditions are the granting of a Group B driving licence more than 10 years ago, 5 years of continuous possession of a Group B licence, no loss of the right to drive in the last 5 years and no points on the driving record. 


The amendment also provides for certain restrictions on the number of mentors and the conditions for the way in which a 17-year-old driver can be accompanied. Each 17 year old driver would be required to have a maximum of 4 mentors on the driving register. However, these mentors would not be allowed to provide accompaniment if their ability to do so is impaired due to their medical condition or following the consumption of an alcoholic beverage or other addictive substance.


Another change concerns the obligation to undergo a traffic psychological interview and novice driver training for drivers who commit an offence or a criminal offence for which 6 points have been recorded in the driver's register within 2 years from the date of granting the driving licence.


The last major change concerns the points system and the associated fines. The amendment provides for a simplification of the current points system, which provides for five rates, by setting three rates. It should therefore now be possible to award a driver 2, 4 or 6 points depending on the seriousness of the offence. At the same time, the limit of 12 points for the suspension of a driving licence would apply as before. 


As the amendment to the law is yet to be discussed in the guarantee committee, it is possible that some partial changes will still be made. However, it is quite likely that the law will be passed with the key changes described above.