Use and validity of expressions corresponding to legal presumptions in a contract

On March 31, 2022, the Supreme Court posted on the electronic bulletin board a judgement Case No. 23 Cdo 1001/2021, in which it addressed the validity of the parties' contractual arrangements using verbal expressions in a contract that usually express legal presumptions or legal fictions (e.g., „it is considered,“ „it is to be considered,“ "it is understood that," etc.).
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Constitutional Court ruling on the principle of equality in compensation for work injuries

In its ruling of 15 November 2021, Case No. II ÚS 2925/20, the Constitutional Court addressed the question whether the principle of equality is violated in a situation where an injury to an employee's health is compensated as an accident at work under the Labour Code (Section 271c of the Labour Code) and not under general civil law (Section 2958 of the Civil Code).
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